Programs & Services


+ Food Waste Composting Services

RoHo Compost works with businesses to design and implement composting programs that separate inedible food waste into a non-contaminated "organics" waste stream, that can be composted. We provide partner organizations with containers to separate their organics, which we collect and replace regularly, per the needs of the client.

RoHo Compost brings accountability and integrity to organic waste hauling, connecting NYC businesses eager to reduce their environmental footprint, with high quality compost facilities. We transport organic waste to facilities such as Greenway Environmental, and Community Compost LLC In Ulster County, to make sure organic waste is put towards a better use. We have a 13 ton truck, capable of serving large customers and volumes of food waste.

Since Spring 2017, RoHo has diverted over 2.2 million pounds of food waste from landfills, to compost facilities.

+ The Pulp Project

The Pulp Project is an exciting Initiative, and to our knowledge, the first of its kind. In collaboration with East Coast Co-Packing, we capture juice pulp at their facility that would normally go to compost, or at worst landfill, and convert it to smoothies and juices, pestos and dips. At least 50% of the resulting products are directed towards food insecure populations. Our ambition is to distribute these healthy, delicious and low cost products to schools.

+ Food Recovery Program

RoHo Compost’s goal is to always upcycle. As an organic waste hauler that is also a 501(c)(3), we are in a unique position. We are not content to just direct still edible food to compost; we attempt to recover as much edible food as possible from businesses, in order to feed people. We help businesses identify how they can do so, and help implement a recovery plan.

In 2017 and 2018 respectively, RoHo recovered over 7000 pounds of edible food, which provided 5000 meals to families in need, via the Bowery Mission's soup kitchen.