Advocacy-Commercial Waste Zones and Microhauling

After years of inefficiency, relentless waste truck traffic polluting our communities, pitifully low recycling rates in the industry that sends most waste to landfill, and poor conditions for private sanitation workers, RoHo Compost is thrilled that NYC is reforming its commercial waste system.

In its implementation plan for commercial waste zones, DSNY identifies a key solution for waste system, that RoHo is innovating and creating: Microhauling.

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Microhauling is the practice of using low or zero tailpipe emission vehicles, like bikes, e bikes and electric vehicles, to capture and divert organic waste from landfills. In the current system, 30 ton diesel trucks careen and criss-cross through small business neighborhoods every night, to collect 50 lbs of organic waste or less per stop.

Instead of sending inefficient trucks to collect this waste every night, we microhaulers ferment organic waste in sealed containers, which makes the waste sanitary and pest free for the business to keep onsite for days, instead of having to put it out for collection every night. Micro-hauling vehicles can collect waste with 60-75% less driving, and with an 100% reduction in tailpipe emissions. We're using innovative, low or zero emission hauling vehicles, like bikes, trikes, electric vehicles, or even collection on foot.

Microhauling is key to transforming our waste system into one that is attractive and works for our communities. Please make your support for microhauling know to your city council representative, so it’s role can be guaranteed in the new legal system for commercial waste.

Check out DSNY's vision for comemercial waste reform here. The reference to micro-hauling is on page 34 of the plan: Reference to micro-hauling is on page 34 of the plan.